What is the Cause?

Each year the Ballarat Foundation will choose a community issue relevant to its strategic pillars and partner with community groups who are working in this area. The 2019 cause will centre around early childhood issues within Ballarat. Recent AEDC data shows that one in five children start school behind in areas including physically, mentally and emotionally. This year the raised funds will go towards early childhood charities to help children start school ready to prosper.

How are Funds raised?

A portion of the participants entry fees will go directly to The Ballarat Foundation fund set up specifically to address the issue, whilst the balance will go to one of our 6 charity partners as chosen by the entrant.

Another critical component of the fundraising effort will be participants’, schools, & businesses reaching out to family, friends, & networks to raise as much money as possible via the event fundraising platform. Major prizes are on offer for individuals and teams who can raise the most money.

Who are the charity partners?

The Ballarat Foundation has selected 6 charity partners to receive funding from proceeds of the 2019 Run for a Cause event. Please visit the Charity Partners page to learn more about the programs they specifically run to combat food security in the Ballarat region.