Published: 2018/11/06

Filmmakers from Pepper Brand Managers this week were on location at Golden Nugget Bakery whilst volunteers from Salvation Army Ballarat collected leftover food from the day.

The food was then delivered to the Salvation Army Ballarats’ small makeshift supermarket for bagging and storing, for clients to receive that evening and the following day. This is a weekly occurrence for both the Salvation Army and Anglicare Ballarat through a partnership formed with Golden Nugget Bakery.

To witness first hand the tireless work volunteers such as Lee & Graham from Salvation Army do to assist those in most need was inspiring.

Lee explained the partnership with Golden Nugget, along with other local food providers allowed charitable organisations like the Salvos to provide this critical service.

“It’s not always an easy thing to walk through the door and say I need help. It makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable, and circumstances can change where we’re all only one step away from it.

So when the needs there its good to know there’s somewhere to have that need met.”

– Lee, Salvation Army Volunteer.

Alicia Matthews, Golden Nugget Bakery

Alicia from Golden Nugget Bakery, full endorsed the proposed construction of a Food Security Centre in Ballarat.

The Ballarat and Grampians Food Security Centre is an initiative championed by The Ballarat Foundation and supported by Ballarat Community Health and the Ballarat Food Access Network (FAN). Ballarat Foundation has also enlisted FoodBank Victoria as a project partner to ensure the proposed facility has the advice and support of the state’s peak food relief agency.

“I think that it (Ballarat Foundations proposed food hub) would really help the community in that businesses like us will have a contact and know where to take the food to. I think to have it all in the one place under the one roof would really help to get the food out easier and faster.”

– Alicia Matthews, Owner/Manager, Golden Nugget Bakery.