Published: 2018/11/07


Integra Ballarat is responsible for some of the largest residential developments across the city. From Ballarat at Canadian Lakes Estates to Insignia (the redevelopment of the Ballarat Golf Course), Integra is at the forefront of our growing Ballarat Community.

Although large in scale Integra is still a family-owned business, with the needs of the community at the core of every development. Each of Integra’s developments has had a strong focus on providing an inclusive and diverse environment with the aim of building healthier communities.

This mantra has been sufficiently encapsulated in their newest development ‘Lucas’. “Designed around a

Lucas Ballarat provides the perfect training ground for ‘Run for a Cause’. 

central green spine of parkland and recreational space”, Lucas is an easy place for residents to get outside and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Boasting over 22 hectares of parkland space, walking and cycling tracks and an adventure playground there is plenty of space for its residents  to get in that all important practice for ‘Run for a Cause’.

Their strong focus on community has been reiterated through their partnership with The Ballarat Foundation ‘Run for a Cause’ 2018. Their involvement has been fundamental in ensuring that ‘Run for a Cause’ is a possibility. Helping to raise the vital funds needed to eradicate food insecurity within our community.