Published: 2018/11/15


North Ballarat Sports has been a premium club operating in our region for over 20 years. Known for their exceptional dining, entertainment and recreational facilities, North Sports also provides tremendous support to our community through their North Cares initiative. Currently contributing $1.3 million annually to a range of sectors and organisations. This contribution enables them to provide financial assistance to over 25 sporting team.

As a result of this support 500 young athletes have been provided the opportunity to participate in an array for sports for North Sports. From Australian Rules football, to Netball and Cricket these young athletes have been involved across multiple levels. From grassroots such as AUSKICK right up through representing the VFL team The Roosters. This support has fostered a stronger and healthier community for not only Ballarat but for the broader region.

Additionally North Sports also supports a multitude of local charities by the way of donations and in kind support.

These charities include:

  • Child and Family Services
  • Ballarat Soup Bus
  • Leakuemi Foundation
  • Ballarat Sport foundation
  • Ballarat Rotary

This strong focus on cultivating a healthier and stronger community was a major reason as to why North Ballarat Sports Club has thrown their weight behind Run for a Cause 2018.  As their CEO Scott Seward explains,

“North Ballarat Sports Club has always believed in supporting the local community, a community where we, ourselves, live and work. Through the ‘North Cares’ Community Foundation we can play an active role in ensuring that local community, sporting and not for profit organisations have the ability to meet their objectives and deliver a positive outcome for the wider Ballarat community. We are really proud to partner with the Ballarat Foundation and Run for a Cause.

– Scott Seward, North Ballarat Sports CEO