Published: 2018/09/27


By Julian Spence: 4 time winner of Great Ocean Road Marathon and Co-owner of The Running Company Ballarat 

The first couple of weeks will determine whether you stick to your training program or not!

Establishing a daily routine that includes dedicated exercise time is a big factor in successful training programs and making long term health improvements.

Exercise is best done when it’s an automatic part of our day, not when we wake up and it becomes a ‘choice’. There’s always plenty of reasons we can find to convince ourselves not to lace the shoes up and get out the door!!

Your routine will differ from your training buddies based on individual family/work situations but allocating that 30-60 minute exercise block should be a priority, not a luxury.

It won’t take long before your new routine becomes a normal part of your day that you look forward to!

Be sure to download a training program to help you achieve your running and fitness goals.