Published: 2018/10/22


By Julian Spence: 4 time winner of Great Ocean Road Marathon and Co-owner of The Running Company Ballarat 

Another week down and as Run for a Cause inches closer, Julian Spence of The Running Company Ballarat provides us with another invaluable tip to help get you across the finish line.

As we are well over half way into our events 8 weeks training program, Julian sheds light on the fact that slowing down will actually help you go faster. 

Running at a pace where you can easily converse with the person next to you will not only improve your fitness but also your pace.

“Yep, this sounds counter intuitive but it’s very important to your longevity as a runner. If you have an easy run scheduled, make sure that you run at a pace that you could easily hold a conversation with the person next to you. You will actually improve your fitness, enjoy the run more and not fatigue yourself for your scheduled harder workout days”

Julian Spence, 4 time winner of Great Ocean Road Marathon and Run for a Cause Ambassador.


The Running Co. Ballarat also holds a Run Club every Wednesday evening, meeting at 5:45pm for 6:00pm departure.