Published: 2018/10/09


The Ballarat Foundation is proud to partner with recent winners of Pick My Project, the Food is Free Laneway.

Food Is Free Laneway has been helping people solve their food waste issues for 4 years, whilst also helping those in the community who are food insecure. The funds from Pick My Project will go towards growing the Laneway into a sister site over the road via the Food Is Free Green Space. The Green Space will provide garden beds to marginalized and at risk groups to garden and grow their own food. Here they can participate in workshops and learn skills that will empower and assist them to become self sufficient.

Individuals have access to free fresh food such as fruit, vegetables and herbs anytime they like by visiting the laneway.

Food Is Free Laneway also has an educational quality as it shows individuals how to grow their own food. There are also free seeds and seedlings that can be taken away to begin a vegetable garden in private residences.

Lou Ridsdale is the founder of the grass roots initiative and has every reason to be incredibly proud of her efforts. Not only are people able to give excess food, fruit and vegetables away to avoid waste, Lou and her team have also successfully created a network of volunteers, local residents and gardeners. The Food is Free Laneway is providing a social connection and creating a community focusing on friendships, giving and volunteering.