Published: 2018/10/23

Anglicare Victoria

Providing many Victorians with much needed emergency relief and offering a community breakfast program, Anglicare provides those within our community who are food insecure access to a nutritionally balanced meal.

Anglicare volunteers sit and share breakfast with those members of our community who are suffering from financial disadvantage, homelessness and/ or social isolation. This simple act allows the volunteers to get to know each guest and help foster a cohesive support structure.

Additional to emergency relief and community breakfast programs Anglicare also provides guests with referrals to funded agencies for housing, Centrelink, employment, health, AOD and victim assessment.

Anglicare volunteers.
Anglicare volunteers.

As an organisation their overarching goal is to “protect the most vulnerable Victorians within our community”.

Through their tireless efforts Anglicare has given over 7,000 people access to fresh and nutritious food and have referred more than 500 people to funded agencies.

The Ballarat Foundation is proud to partner with Anglicare, to ensure they can continue providing much needed resources to our communities most vulnerable.