Uniting Ballarat

Uniting Ballarat has been providing invaluable support to our community for over 35 years. Offering a range of services, Uniting Ballarat identifies the pressing needs and issues within our community and establishes the relevant support services. Currently they offer 55 different services over 7 main community service areas.  Additionally they also operate 3 retail outlets and a budget accommodation venue to further their work within the community.

With their overarching purpose beingto inspire people, enliven communities ad confront injustice”, Uniting Ballarat provides a number of programs that contribute with reducing food insecurity within our region.  On such program is BreezeWay.  BreezeWay Meals Program has been operating in the Ballarat Community for the past 20 years.  It provides a hot nutritional two course midday meal every day of the year for people who are marginalized,

BreezeWay provides a hot, two course midday meal every day of the year.

homeless or living in insecure accommodation. Since the program’s inception over 350,000 meals have been served and each day an average of 60 hot lunches and 48 takeaway sandwich packs are provided. Those attending also have access to shower facilities, medical health services and access to other support services.

Another great program is Meals for Change, a café meals program that supports young people aged 15- 25 years. Meals for Change provide opportunities for young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness enjoy subsidise meals in a community setting. There are approximately 80 Meals for Change memberships active at any given time.  The Ballarat Foundation is proud to partner with Uniting Ballarat.