Published: 2018/10/03


Departing at 6:00pm, Julian and Bri from the Running Company Ballarat store host a run club every Wednesday evening.

Leading into the Run for a Cause event on November 18, Run Club is designed as a social run for people of all levels with three groups available to join depending on your fitness level. The group meets at the Running Company Ballarat store every 2nd week, alternating every other 2nd week at a pre-organised location for a trail run. Meeting time is 5:45pm for 6:00pm departure

“Run Club is about creating an environment where everyone can come together in a comfortable place to continue or begin their running journey”, said Julian Spence from the Running Co. Ballarat.

“It’s light, it’s fun, we go for a trot, it’s really good and you pick up good tips. And I’ve met people that I now catch up for runs outside of this now.”

– Steve, regular Run Club participant.

Run for a Cause sponsor Pepper Brand Managers recently joined the group on a run through Ballarat and spoke with members about their experience. Watch the video and learn more about Run Club.




WHAT: Run Club
HOST: The Running Company Ballarat store.
WHEN: Every Wednesday evening.
TIME: Meet at 5:45pm for 6:00pm departure.

GROUPS: Three Groups.

  • Front group runs at around 5 minute kilometre pace.
  • Intermediate group will run at between 5:30 & 6:00 minute kilometre pace stopping to wait at every intersection.
  • Beginner group follows the Run for a Cause training program. Includes mixture of jogging and walking. Emphasis on participating and slowly building a base.

DEPARTURE LOCATION: Alternate weeks between Running Co. Ballarat Store at 1017 Sturt Street, and a trail run around Ballarat area. Stay posted on weekly departure locations by following the Running Co. Ballarat facebook page.
THE ROUTE: We try to vary it every week.
WHO CAN RUN: Anyone. Our 3 groups cater for all. We have people of all ages jog including a regular 6 year old!
CONTACT: Running Co. Ballarat – Phone 03 4343 4583